From Teamwork, and Analysis, and Inspiration...

My workflow is the same whatever the plan, but for work on commercial environments like ryokans or restaurants, I must create more than just a good design, but one that is also economical. And so, not only do we need capital but also staff that can act as project leaders. Just as we can't work without funding, to do good work we need teamwork between staff and management. Once we've fulfilled those conditions, we run analysis and consider what the project's strengths will be. It's this point where sudden inspiration is often the key. Below, I show a detailed chart of workflow.

Creating a ryokan from a unified concept

The work of creating a ryokan itself comprises many tasks. The project starts with a rough plan, then we proceed with the concept, naming, brand image, and then design, location designing and cost estimates, services, operations, dining, fixtures and uniforms; work in a huge variety of fields is needed.

And all of these are made in accordance with our core concept, keeping a balanced project.

Toward ryokan that generate Local Power

Making ryokan, as I see it, is commercial environment design rooted in the local topology. In addition to expressing the natural environment, we want to evoke the region's history, character, dialect, culture, crafts, and cuisine, to create unique ryokan that can help to build local tourism. Ryokan can contribute to the area through employment, of course, and help stimulate the local economy.

The ryokan I've helped build thus far are growing to help create new value for their local regions.


  1. 1.Confirm Conditions


    • ・Build a Team
    • ・Assign Roles
  2. 2.Analysis


  3. 3.Concept Work


    • ・Concept words
    • ・Names
    • ・CI Designs for logos, insignias etc.
  4. 4.Fundamental Planning


    • ・Zoning
    • ・Preliminary design
    • ・Service plan
    • ・Cuisine configuration
    • ・Promotional plans
  5. 5.Implementation


    • ・Implementation plan
    • ・Request for confirmation
    • ・Construction forecast
    • ・Estimate assessment
    • ・Determine construction costs
    • ・Draw up work schedule
  6. 6.Inspection/Improvement